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Thursday, 3 July 2014

Way too long ago since I've been here....

Time just seem to pass way too fast at the moment. The schools have broken up for the summer - we're nearly a whole week into their first week of their schoolholiday. We are just relaxing and doing as little as possible this week as we started the weekend by suprising the princess and little man. The daddy had been to England and we picked him up in the Airport Saturday. Right next door to the Airport (Billund Airport that is so you know if you're planing to come) is Legoland! They had no idea we were going until we pulled up at the carpark..... Lots of excited screams....
They weather here has been really nice (and dry) and the World Cup is on so the diglots thought drawing lots and lots of flags outside were a brilliant idea....
It was and lots of fun too - 2 days later it rained (first time in over a week) and now they can start over again. It's a fulltime job!

The daddy was playing his last football game before the summer break the other night and of course we went to see it. The diglots sat for around 5 minuttes then other things needed to be done.... Such as running and playing-having-a-bad-leg-need-mummy's-stick-game.
I'll try not be a whole month before updating again but I can't promise anything.

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Elvis came and went....

And he did soooo well both at the dress rehearsal Wednesday and at the big night Friday. The little man aka  "Elvis" mimed and danced to Jailhouse Rock in front of 300 people. He was brilliant! After the show Friday there was a party and the little man and princess danced the night away or until it finished at 8pm!

Monday, 27 January 2014

We got snow....

The diglots love it - me not so much! The little man and his friend buildt a snow man. The princess and her friend did too right outside the princess' bedroom window. Apparently it's guarding her bedroom... 

Sunday, 12 January 2014

The Amazing Library.

We have one of those in our town. Finding books to take home is the first thing we do then we play. Our Library has so many different activities and the diglots love it! How are your local Library??

Saturday, 7 December 2013

What the universe had planned.....

Well, as I wrote in the last post - a storm hit Denmark. Bodil (still don't know why it's called that) made the diglots' school cancelled the show Nana and Papa had travelled all the from the UK to see them in. Today I stumbled across this picture....

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Wow, it's already December....

Since Friday, Christmas has seriously been pushing it's way into town and our home.... Friday, the man in red aka Father Christmas came into town on a boat. His wife wasn't with him this year - rumour has it it that it might be stress but nothing is confirmed! Well, the man in red arrived and he walked with the all the children and their parents to the museum (that's right, we've got one of those in town) where 2 oversized Elves apparently live. Then everyone including the 2 oversized Elves walked to the town square where the big Christmas tree is and turned the lights on.

Saturday, we got all the Christmas stuff out and got the house decorated. I had been looking forward to decorate the piano - it's our first Chritmas with it in the house. The little man straight away needed his Elf hat on and sat with the daddy to watch Santa Claus the movie.

This morning we woke up and the fairy had already delivered the Christmas tree. The little man and the princess were delighted and we decorated it all together. The fairy sat overlooking it all from the top.

Today, it was the town's Christmas market and we went to have a look around. The diglots both tried Rudolph - the princess staying on for 31 seconds.

Are you all Christmased up??

Monday, 18 November 2013

Charlie and Lola, the postcard.

Uncle D came to visit us this weekend from England. Aunty E couldn't come with him this time because she had to work but she gave Uncle D a very special letter to give to the diglots. Uhhh..... Exciting, eh? What could it be??
Well, Aunty E works at the library and get to go to library things with work. Cool because that means she gets to meet writers sometimes and this time she met Lauren Child who wrote the fantastic Charlie and Lola books. The letter Uncle D brought with him was a cool signed postcard from Lauren Child. How cool is that...

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Some weeks just fly by, don't they...???

I feel this week has gone sooo quickly. We haven't done anything special really just normal stuff. Took me a few days to get over the Wedding, that's how my MS body works. It'll let me have a good time without bothering me then hit back the next days.... Even though the daddy and the diglots baked cookies to cheer it up. I got cheered up but my MS body took 3 days this time. Think I need to have a word!

Tuesday was Sports Day at school and the weather was lovely so no muddy clothes for me to wash.... Oh, and apparently pancake-baking-over-open-fire is a sport!!! Lego building wasn't so the princess and I had to just do that at home. She has so much Friends Lego now and loves building with it. I love when I'm allowed to be in charge help out.
The little man is into drawing at the moment and he has chosen to draw fruits, veggies, tools and guns.... Yep, guns! The purple one was for his sister. He gets up in the morning and draws, he comes home from school and draws.

Tradition here at ours is that on Fridays the diglots have a bowl of treats but not if bad behavior has been going on too much... Well, this Friday somebody had not been good so somebody had a bowl of fruit instead. Somebody then stated that "somebody had not had treats 3 times on a friday" and then concluded somebody had only been very naugthy 3 times ever... Well I think not, but let's leave it for now!

Actually I feel September has gone really quickly already or maybe a lot of things have happened, like the proud moment when the princess recieved her t-shirt at school for reading 5000 pages. Or when we went to have a big ice cream on the first day of Autumn. The Princess started gymnastics again every Monday evening, now being the oldest on their team. So I guess the days have just passed quickly getting back into routine.

Monday, 25 March 2013


The little man is very into drawing at the moment. The princess has always been drawing a lot so I guess that might be why, who knows?! Anyway, he's getting good at the more detailed drawings but where he gets his ideas from I do not know.... Or I do, it's his sister but where did she get the idea from??? This is some of their latest creations, first a drawing by the princess called Boxer Man...

Which then inspireret the little man to draw the same....

Here is what the diglots produced over the weekend and demanded to be put up in the kitchen...

The princess' are to the left, the little man's to the right. They're brilliant, eh'???

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Lego vs Computer....

The contrast between the princess and the little man's choice of toys Sunday afternoon was difficult to miss.
The little man asked to play computer and the princess was in a Lego playing mood. Sat next to each other, they were both playing a game which meant using the brain. Might be different parts of the brain but they both used skills. One - the imagination, the other - maths, working out when to jump and where from.
Playing with the same thing too long, too often I think most of us can agree is not the best. Lego though will never get a raised eyebrow if played with every day... Yes, I know Lego is more than imagination, it's developing fine motor skills too.
What am I on about then?? Well, nothing really. Just watching the diglots sitting at the same table, playing with two different things and finding it interesting, the contrast!

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Staticland, have you heard of it??

I will remember this when they bicker again.... Saturday morning the princess and little man also known as the diglots played so well together making a poster about space. The little man is especially interested in Staticland.... Don't tell me you didn't know about Staticland either!! Actually I'm a bit relieved you hadn't heard of it... then it's not just me!
Well, this is the poster.... Don't worry if you can't read the little story they wrote. It's in Danish!!

Tuesday, 28 February 2012


Is the name of the band who won the Danish song contest for children. It's so much better than the adult song contest, I think. (I miss when all the countries sang in their own language. It was so much more entertaining!) Well, back to the danish childrens song contest MGP it's called. It's brilliant, the children write their own music and lyrics, do their own little dance routines and they're all so cute. We watched the show 3 weeks ago. The princess loved it and we got her all the 10 songs on CD.
Result: She now knows all the ten songs by heart! Her bedroom door is closed for hours, music playing loudly and the princess singing even louder!
Suddenly silence and we all have to come in.
"Please put your hands in the air...!" 
Look at the concentration!

She's so much cooler than I was at her age. There was no childrens song contest but I loved it every year when the european songcontest was on. I tried to memorise all 30 songs in their original language so I could sing them in front of my mirror. I had a hairbrush as a microphone!
Maybe you can imagine what that sounded like....!!?? Not good I tell you!

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

What language to sing in.....

Daddy and the little man were playing on the piano. Daddy asks the little man, should he teach him how to play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star?
No, the little man would like to sing the Butterfly song. Daddy does not know the Butterfly song. The little man starts singing Butterfly Butterfly then stops looks up at his daddy and says " Is it okay I sing it in Danish? "

Saturday, 15 October 2011


It's half term next week. We don't have any plans other than relaxing and enjoying we don't have to get up at a certain time. We'll snuggle up on the sofa watching films. The "diglots" favourite at the moment is Mary Poppins.
 It only took the oldest "diglot" half a day to be able say: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! Obviously the daddy has mastered the word for years. The youngest "diglot" is only 4 years old so is not expected (only of the daddy) to be able to say it just yet. He's close though and in training once a day. Well... I do not master the word yet which apparently is quite unacceptable. It's also the funniest thing ever since oldest "diglot" and the daddy don't seem to be able to stop laughing at my attempts.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

A brand new word!

At dinner today the princess came up with a brand new word.
Definition:  a man who has no clothes on... and no hair.
This picture is taken by Suat Eman. This is the link to his portfolio:

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Diglot - a bilingaul person!

The princess and the little man are "diglots" fluent in English and Danish. A bit confusing at times seperating the two languages which makes us parents have a laugh!

Diglot, what a brilliant word!

Here's a sentence I thought I'd never say: "Dinner time my two little diglots"

Here they are, my diglots!

Monday, 11 July 2011

Sausage rolls and pizza snails...

My dear children and their daddy love this.... So I of course bake it for them! Well the truth is... I do sometimes! Anyway I do enjoy making sausage rolls and pizza snails. Dough, sausages, ham, cheese and a tiny bit of tomato sauce is all you need so even I can manage.

In the end you get this and it is yummy!
Very simple to make just the way I like it....
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