About me.

My soul mate and I, and our two lovely children live in a quaint little town in the middle of Denmark. We have a funny and beautiful princess, 6 years old with big blue eyes and blonde hair who asks a lot of questions, and a stubborn little man, 4 years old with big brown eyes, dark blonde curls who has been here more than once before! I love London, where we lived until November 2007. I love visiting England which we do several times a year to visit nana, papa and the rest of the family.

I have MS (was diagnosed April 2007) and write a Blog about life with MS for Biogen Idec. It's in Danish but can be Google translated. I don't walk so well and have a walking stick. At my daugther's school and my son's nursery the children often ask about the stick. I like that, it makes it normal, and I always answer them.

My children don't ever remember me being "normal". To them I'm just "Mummy":)


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