Friday, 21 October 2016

Something like 5000 children and their computers.

All sitting side by side playing games. There was like real gamers/youtubers there too. It's called a LAN Party - the little man and daddy learned.

They spent a good 3 hours there last Saturday. There were things to try such as virtual reality glasses. Both the little man and daddy tried them. The daddy wasn't too keen and took the glasses off quickly. The little man also spent some of his pocket money. He's a Pokemon hunter and a cap was needed for that.
The little man and his Pikachu.

Meanwhile the princess, her friend and I went shopping. We walked, or the girls did, I was on my little mini scooter. We went from shop to shop and were ready to go by the time the daddy called and asked us to come pick them up. A tired little man and 2 tired girls sat quietly in the back of the car on the way home.

Now it's already Friday. Where did the week go? We're of to Germany for a day trip today. We only live an hour away from the border.

Have a lovely Friday everyone.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Oooops! Once again it's been a while.

There we all are. Ready to go to a wedding. 

Only 3 weeks after we came home from our Summer holiday in England, Holland and Germany we flew back to England for a wedding. We were only there 3 days because schools were about to start up again in Denmark. The wedding was amazing. It was lovely to see the family again especially our little new niece/cousin.
The princess and the little man thought their little cousin had grown already.

I thought so too and it was hard leaving again after only 3 days. But now there's only a week until we see her again. This time she will have grown a lot. From mid August to the end of October will be how long we haven't seen her. Well, we've seen her on Skype but that's not quite the same. We are very excited.

At the moment it's half term here in Denmark and we're relaxing. Today these 2 had a haircut and that's about all we did today!
Pre-haircut photo! They were not up for an after-haircut photo. A lot came off both though and they both look really nice.

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

4 cousins

Here they all are. One nearly 11, another nearly 9, one just 8 and they littlest only 5 weeks old. The bigger ones love their new little cousin. And she is soooo cute. We have just been in England visiting family and spending time with our new little cousin. Here in Denmark school holiday started the 24th of June so we left right away to go to England. 11 days we've spent there mainly with the family but we have also seen friends, been to London and Milton Keynes. On our way back to Denmark we spent 3 days in Holland swimming, shopping and relaxing. We're now back home and still enjoying holiday time. The daddy doesn't go back to work until Monday. Here is lots of photos from our holiday.

me and my little niece

they loved holding their little new cousin

massive chess in Milton Keynes

inspecting their shopping

they loved the swimming pool at the hotel we stayed at in Holland

Scheveningen in Holland. We took a picture like this four yeas ago too when we were there

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